Class Description


  • 60 Minute class
  • Full body building
  • Isolates each muscle group
  • Uses various equipment & exercises
  • Build muscle long after the class is over
  • Increase your metabolism while at rest


  • Born in the Navy SEALS
  • Suspension training bodyweight exercise
  • Develops strength, balance, flexibility & core stability simultaneously
  • Uses a TRX Suspension trainer which leverages gravity & users body weight
  • Over 100 exercises completed


  • 60 minute Vinyasa flow for all levels
  • Encourages moving meditation linking asanas through breathing
  • Cultivates balance, flexibility, strength, & endurance
  • Forms an awareness and mindfulness for mind, body, &  soul


  • Combines the energy of dance, power of boxing & strength of Pilates
  • Uses light weight boxing gloves to enhance the intensity of the workout
  • Mat work will isolate, lengthen & strengthen your muscles and core


  • Focuses on lengthening & strengthening your muscles
  • Uses a variety of tools including balls & disks to add a challenge
  • Help increase balance, control, coordination, & flexibility
  • Includes muscle strengthening & core conditioning
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness


  • 30 minute, non-choreographed, body weight, HIIT workout
  • Combines HIIT training techniques with traditional body weight exercises to set the metabolism on fire
  • Exercise modifications & progressions are given in each class
  • Suitable for all fitness levels & abilities


  • Low Intensity exercises to assist in flexibility & body strengthening
  • Uplifting music will motivate you through easy dance steps & resistance training
  • Stretching & breathing exercises will leave you restored & refreshed
  • This class is perfect for those starting a new fitness journey


  • Original LES MILLS barbell class
  • Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body fast!
  • High repetition workout per body part leaving you feeling confident & energized


  • Fiercely energetic program for the whole body
  • Inspired by martial arts that draws from disciplines such as karate, boxing, tai chi, muay thai & taek wando
  • Energizing music to move your way throughout this cardio workout


  • 1 Hour combination of military drills, strength training & high intensity cardio that will work with all the major muscle groups while maintaining high calorie burn


Walk 15 is the live version of Leslie Sansone’s indoor aerobic walking program

  • Participants may walk 1, 2, 3 or more miles in a group setting
  • Four basic steps of walking, side steps, kicks & knee lifts
  • Will give members a caloric torching aerobic workout
  • All levels of fitness welcome

Metabolic Conditioning

  • 60 Minute Class
  • Strength & cardio intervals
  • Improves cardiovascular capacity with extended after burn
  • All levels welcome modifications available

Senior Fit

  • 45 Minute class
  • Designed for 55+ years old & older
  • Total body low impact workout that focuses on stability, balance, and flexibility
  • Incorporates strength training to improve muscle strength & everyday functional movements
  • Includes stretches within the class to help with developing range of motion for your joints


  • 30 Minute class
  • Full body cardio jam sessions
  • Combines cardio, strength, yoga & Pilates
  • Use of “Ripsticks” to bring out the “Rock Star” in you

Build / Burn

  • 60 Minute class
  • Strength & cardio intervals
  • Full body circuits
  • Uses various equipment & exercises
  • All levels welcome, modifications available